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Unlocking Potential with a Sales-Focused Website and eCommerce Revamp

An export trade consultancy had hit a brick wall with an ageing website hampering its growth ambitions online. Key Element was brought in to build a modern high-performing website and eCommerce platform that would transform the digital experience for customers.

eCommerce & Web Design revamp

Who is the client?

Export Unlocked provides comprehensive consultancy, training and support services for international exporting and importing operations. Its in-house consultancy team offers professional expertise in all aspects of overseas trade, including supply chain, customs compliance, strategy, process and procedures, as well as areas like international marketing.

The company provides support on both a subscription and one-off basis. It also markets a variety of training options. These include accredited courses run in conjunction with the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), bespoke workshops that can be designed to fit specific requirements, and a series of complete Level 4 International Trade Qualifications.

What services did we provide?

The core of the project was the design and development of a brand new website, including an integrated eCommerce function. We built the new website in WordPress and the eCommerce sales platform in WooCommerce.

In addition, we agreed to host the new site on our own high-performance infrastructure. We also set up an integrated analytics solution so Export Unlocked could easily monitor performance across all digital assets. And we have been managing security within the WordPress platform on an on-going basis.

What was their challenge?

The client’s previous website was old, outdated and lacking in cohesion. The user experience (UX) was clunky and the site was not optimised for mobile.

Export Unlocked relies on its website for much of its business. Courses and support are paid for and in many cases delivered online. Poor UX meant the company was losing potential leads and conversions.

The challenge, then, was to deliver a complete revamp of the company’s website and eCommerce capabilities, and to create a slick modern experience for customers that would encourage better engagement and unlock growth. The platform was to include a customer portal where subscription clients could sign in for ongoing online support.

How did we approach it?

We approach every web development project with the view that there are no ‘out of the box’ solutions for professional web design. Every business is unique, and therefore every business website has to be unique to reflect the nuances of different operational structures, markets and goals.

Our starting point is therefore to always speak to every client in depth so we can get as good a feel as possible for their business, and what role they want a website to serve in their wider business strategy. These conversations inform every website we build.

We are also a digital design agency, and we take great care to ensure that every website reflects the brand identity and values of the company. In this case, Export Unlocked provided us with their logo as a starting point, which we then used as the basis for the look and feel of the website we built.

Were there any obstacles?

Given the intricate nature of the courses our client offers, it was important to ensure they are structured correctly on the website. Additionally, our client collaborates with various governing bodies and partners to deliver these courses, making it essential to strictly adhere to their comprehensive guidelines. This adherence ensures that the course content on the website not only meets but exceeds the expectations set forth by these organisations, thereby maintaining the integrity and quality of the educational offerings.

How did we go above and beyond?

Drawing on our expertise in digital branding and design, we created a branding document for the company as part of the design process. While this document helped us in the visual design process, it also serves as an asset for the client going forward, providing a reference point for colours, fonts, text size and more which will help the company achieve consistency in branding as they branch out to other digital channels.

A key focus of our early meetings with the client was to make sure we had a robust understanding of the service offering, in particular the course structures. We put in a lot of hours around the presentation of the courses on the site to make sure it would optimise conversions.

eCommerce & Web Design revamp
eCommerce & Web Design revamp

What was the result?

The project resulted in the launch of a professional modern website hosted on a robust and secure platform that provides reliable, consistent performance to all of Export Unlocked’s customers. The new site is informative, visually appealing, and user-friendly, with a clear structure and intuitive navigation. This helps to make the purchase process easy, seamlessly guiding customers through all the steps they need. All in all, the design of the site has been optimised to drive sales and leads in line with our client’s main goal.

Were there any measurable outcomes?

The new site has resulted in a significant increase in the number of leads and sales conversions in the short time since its launch. We expect to see this trend develop further as the site matures and the SEO takes effect.

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