Golden Rules for Building User-Friendly Apps

User interface (UI) design is a big topic in application development. So big, in fact, that entire books have been dedicated to it, and it has been a defining principle of the product design strategies of some of the world’s most successful tech companies, such as Google, Amazon and Apple.

But what exactly does UI design mean, why does it matter and, most importantly of all, how do you do it successfully? In this blog, we’ll try to break down one of the biggest subjects in software programming into something a little more digestible.

Four Ingredients That Make For a Great Digital User Experience

Experience is the currency brands trade in nowadays, especially online. If you want to lock in customer loyalty and repeat business in the digital age, brand recognition and reputation no longer cut it. It’s all about thinking holistically about how people interact with your brand, and how all those individual experiences add up to create a lasting impression.

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