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Consultancy, strategy & research

Our Consultancy team work closely with you to understand you and your customers requirements and goals, using the below practices to fully understand your project scope.

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Digital strategy & planning

The Key Element team understand the importance of having a clear understanding of what the goals and aspirations for our customers projects are. By defining a clear strategy and targets we are able to help maximise your business benefits from your project.

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Web development & content management

Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping is a key step in any project as this allows both our team and yours to fully understand the experience of interacting with your brand from the customer's point of view. This is important as it shows the customer's actual experience journey versus what you think it might be.

User interviews & workshops

User interviews and workshops are a useful tool especially when building bespoke backend management systems. By working closely with the end user we can ensure that the system being built is fit for purpose and set to achieve the goals of the client.


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Web development & content management

Competitor analysis

It’s important to know where your competition is and what they may be offering that you are not. This allows you to evaluate your offering and see what is working for other competitors. This also gives an opportunity to see things you don’t feel would work for you and your business.

User Experience (UX) Testing

Our team understands that you could have a fully featured system with all the bells and whistles, but if the team that will be using it day to day find it unintuitive, then a project that should enhance your businesses capabilities can quickly become a burden.

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Managed help desk services

case study

Building a bespoke order management platform

Anglia Crown are an award-winning manufacturer of chilled and frozen prepared meals for healthcare and education markets.

Operating for more than 25 years, Anglia Crown, manufacture approximately 40,000 chilled and frozen meals for around 100 hospital sites across the UK.

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