Bag Daddy

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Bag Daddy is a UK-based start-up that adds a new slant to the ‘father and baby’ product category – a robust, practical yet stylish all-purpose ‘parenting bag’ designed, manufactured and marketed by a group of everyday dads.

Unlocking your eCommerce Website Success

The challenge

The business got off the ground as a Kickstarter campaign, through which it was not only able to source initial funding but also generate commercial interest in the project. Kickstarter does this by providing an online presence for its projects while funding rounds are still ongoing.

However, once the funding campaign came to an end, so did the option to use Kickstarter as a marketing resource. With a product ready to go to market, the team behind Bag Daddy needed a dedicated online shop, and fast.

The solution

We recognised that, as a brand new venture, the client didn’t just need a new website building. It needed an entire digital presence creating from scratch, including branding, SEO, digital marketing and advertising. Our approach reflected this with a holistic solution that went beyond a website build to look at how we could help to drive and develop business through the site over time. One thing that was critical to this project was getting the new website up and running as quickly as possible. After the Kickstarter campaign ended, every day without an online purchasing presence meant lost potential revenue. We used our own in-house CMS, Lucid, as the engine behind the new site. Built by our own expert web development team to be fast and flexible, using it to create the new Bag Daddy site meant we were able to go live in a matter of weeks rather than months, even though we were starting completely from scratch. With a fresh new eCommerce site launched, Bag Daddy now had the permanent web presence and digital identity it needed to start trading in earnest. In addition, we also undertook a complete programme of SEO research, integration and optimisation to ensure the site was as visible as possible in search, as well as managing digital advertising campaigns to raise the profile and drive more traffic.

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