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Establishing a Digital Presence for a Firm of Accountants

An accountancy firm felt it had reached a dead end with its growth and client engagement strategy because of a lack of digital presence. They hired Key Element to build a company website and implement a supporting digital strategy that would boost brand awareness and improve the overall customer journey experience.

Deciphr Ltd Digital Presence

Who is the client?

Deciphr Ltd is an independent firm of chartered accountants specialising in tax planning, compliance and outsourced financial management. The company was founded in 2020 by a senior team with 20 years experience in accounting and professional financial services. Their areas of expertise include R&D tax relief and international expansion.

What services did we provide?

When Deciphr first contacted us, they didn’t have a website and were yet to develop a social media presence. The project therefore involved delivering a complete digital strategy from scratch.

The central component was to develop a brand new website for the firm. We built the site in WordPress and agreed hosting on our own high-performance, UK-based hosting infrastructure.

As well as building and hosting a new professional website, we also undertook all content creation and branding work, plus SEO to ensure Deciphr could develop a strong digital presence quickly from a standing start.

To support this, we created branded social media accounts, and took responsibility for developing and running social media marketing campaigns to drive traffic to the new website.

What was their challenge?

The Deciphr team recognised that not having a website or a social presence put them at a disadvantage in the modern world. Like consumers, business clients these days expect to be able to source, research and engage with prospective suppliers and professional service providers online.

Not having a digital presence meant Deciphr was hampered by a lack of visibility, inefficiencies in communication, and missed marketing opportunities. Their challenge to us was to address all of these concerns – and to put the firm on the digital map with a professional online resource that would build awareness of their brand.

How did we approach it?

As with all of our clients, the starting point for the project was working with the Deciphr team to get as full an understanding as possible of who their target audience is and what their business goals are. With everything we do, our aim is to ground our work in a clear strategic vision that feeds directly into our client’s business objectives.

In this case, we started with branding. We always say that visual branding is critical to any digital strategy. People form their first impressions about a website from how it looks, and first impressions make a huge difference. So we took the existing Deciphr company logo as our starting point and then developed the branding for the website and social media campaigns around it.

Our development team made use of cutting-edge WordPress page-building plugin Elementor to give the site the slickest look and navigation possible, whilst ensuring an easy to use content management experience.

Were there any obstacles?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for any small business embarking on a digital project is the potential for additional workload. Even when outsourcing to a digital agency like ours, clients understandably like to stay involved and play an active role in running their own website and other digital assets. But then you still have the rest of your business to run.

On this occasion, Deciphr had agreed to provide the content they wanted on the new website. However, due to busy schedules and limited availability, finding time to do this proved difficult.

How did we go above and beyond?

We completely understand when clients have to prioritise their core business and we always strive to do whatever we can to make digital projects as light touch for them as possible. In this case, with deadlines looming and not wanting to miss the opportunity to boost brand awareness with planned social campaigns, we offered to step in and create the content for the client. The Deciphr team was happy to have this load taken off them.

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What was the result?

Through our combined efforts on content creation, branding, design and development, we were able to deliver a professional, informative, visually appealing and user-friendly website on time and on budget. Coupled with a strategic social media engagement campaign and ongoing SEO work, we have been able to establish a trusted digital presence for Deciphr, fulfilling the main objective of increasing brand awareness.

Were there any measurable outcomes?

Since the launch of the website and associated social media accounts, Deciphr has seen a steady increase in both website traffic and followers on social.

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