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Anglia Crown are an award-winning manufacturer of chilled and frozen prepared meals for healthcare and education markets.

Operating for more than 25 years, Anglia Crown, manufacture approximately 40,000 chilled and frozen meals for around 100 hospital sites across the UK.

Existing ordering processes were based on established menus, meal rotations, and lead times. Menu books were provided to clients in the form of spreadsheets that are completed and returned by clients. Orders are then manually checked and confirmed by phone. Staff then transfer the customer orders into an internal ERP system to be scheduled for manufacture.

The current system relied heavily on staff resources and manual input. Management also had limited visibility on the status of orders.

Issues particularly arose during the Christmas period. Festive menu options and limitations on delivery times meant that the standard issue and collection of spreadsheets was not possible. A different approach was needed to manage and fulfil client orders.

The requirement was to build a flexible ordering system, capable of handling interdependent ordering requirements, delivery options and scheduling depending on the type and quantity of meals ordered. This system, run as a pilot over the Christmas period would serve as a proof of concept for migrating orders onto a fully cloud based solution.


Working closely with the team at Anglia Crown, we utilised our web development services to design and deploy a bespoke system to capture, track and process client orders for the Christmas period. The solution was built to accept menu and pricing files from existing systems to facilitate product maintenance and reduce the risk of errors.

A two week UAT phase was planned to allow time to complete end-to-end testing ahead of the pilot. All testing and remediation was successfully completed including implementation of feedback to further streamline the solution.

Due to the positive response to user testing and feedback, Anglia Crown elected to enforce mandated use of the solution for all orders during the pilot phase.


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