Bespoke systems & apps

Web development, bespoke systems engineering, flexible CMS, premium hosting – creating and delivering technical solutions that make your digital aspirations a reality are at the heart of what we do.

Tailored to your business needs

For us, web engineering is anything but a by-the-numbers exercise. Every solution we create is carefully tailored in response to what your business needs, what your users are comfortable with and what your customers expect. Across websites, e-commerce stores, apps and more, we take care of everything from UX design to application architecture to API integration, and you won’t find two of our solutions the same.

Managed hosting

Having your website hosted with a specialist website management company already ensures a high level of resilience and performance. In addition to our 100% uptime guarantee, we design and build our systems with our own hosting in mind so every site is built to optimise the resources available.

Scalable content management

Most content management systems (CMS) are more or less static platforms that offer little or no scope for evolving functionality as your business needs change. Lucid, our very own in-house CMS, is different. Lucid has been designed to reflect the realities of our ever-changing digital world. As your business grows, so does Lucid, with a constant stream of new features and tools added as we continue to develop ways to make life easier for our clients.

User experience (UX) testing

The developer-operations (DevOps) approach to digital development is all about making sure that every solution meets the needs and expectations of the people who will have to use it. As part of our commitment to creating solutions that work in the real world, we work closely with end users through interviews and workshops to ensure their views are reflected in the final product. Along with canvassing the opinions of end users, we also carry out thorough UX testing on all solutions to make sure they are intuitive, usable and fit for purpose. We understand that digital delivery is not just about bells and whistles features and cutting-edge technology. If end users don’t find new tech simple, straightforward and convenient, then it will just end up hampering rather than enhancing business performance.

Case Study 


Bespoke Platform Build for Customs Services Specialist

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