Managed Web Hosting: What Are the Benefits?

One of the things every business has to think about when launching or revamping a website is hosting.

Web hosting might not be the most glamorous part about the internet. It’s more technical nuts and bolts than the user-facing elements like customer journey mapping and CX strategy. But web hosting does have a huge role to play in your website’s security and performance.

Website Downtime Costs Your Business. Here’s How to Avoid It

What’s that, your website is down again? Well we wouldn’t want to panic you, but according to globally renowned tech consultancy Gartner, that outage could be costing your business in excess of £4,000 per minute (as an average).

Ok, there are a lot of variables to consider here, including the size of your business. Potential costs and losses from your website going down snowball the longer the outage lasts. If it’s a temporary glitch that rights itself in just a few minutes, you’ll probably get away relatively unscathed.

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