No App is an Island: How APIs are Transforming Digital Business

If your business has a digital presence, you are probably already using Application Programming Interfaces – better known as APIs.

If this is news to you, don’t be surprised. APIs are a software development tool. In terms of how they function, they sit quietly in the background. Unless you’re a software programmer, you will never ‘use’ an API directly, or even see the work it does close up.

Seven Ways to Check if Your Website is Performing at Its Best

It’s difficult to overstate just how important website performance is to a modern business. Across the board, commercial and corporate websites are now the number one point of contact between businesses and customers.

Anyone who lands on your website expects it to work, and work well. Whether they intend to make a purchase, are browsing for ideas, or have simply arrived out of curiosity, visitors to any website bring with them a whole set of expectations about how the platform should behave.

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