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Custom web app development for event management

Limitless specialises in organising and running on-track automotive events, covering vehicle and product tests, launches, corporate days out and more. The company was looking for a reliable and secure digital solution that it could use to capture and store customer information in the build-up to and on event days. Legal and safety compliance were key drivers – on any given event, there were multiple admin processes to complete, from vehicle insurance to security clearance to waiver forms before customers could get behind the wheel.

The challenge

Limitless was looking for a solution that was flexible, user-friendly, reliable and secure. Customer information and compliance data could be collected at multiple touchpoints throughout an event, and these all needed to be brought together in a unified system to give event managers a single point of control. Real-time updates were essential, and because of the personal nature of much of the information collected, so was robust data security.

Finally, Limitless also wanted a solution that would be fully scalable to suit events of all different sizes, from a few hundred to several thousand customers. For all of these reasons, Limitless was in favour of an online platform that would deliver the agility and mobility of the cloud. As a web development agency with a reputation for bespoke web app development and full infrastructure support, they turned to Key Element.

The solution

Limitless needed a solution that would allow data capture and management of different events to be customised conveniently and easily. We therefore set out to build a modular cloud-based platform with three core components – a suite of web apps for data capture and other functions built to run on tablets; a management portal that allowed events to be created and the data capture apps to be customised as per client branding; and a secure database system that would log and store data unique to each event. Our Development & Engineering team worked closely with Limitless to ensure all web apps met their business objectives as well as delivering an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Each app was custom-built from scratch. They included a tailored barcode check−in system that would provide a unique and secure access protocol for each event, customer signature capture for digitally signing indemnity agreements, and real-time queue displays so event managers could monitor and optimise wait times.

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