Your Business Needs a Mobile-First Website – Here’s Why

Back in early 2017, something momentous happened in the history of the internet. During the first quarter of that year, for the first time ever, the volume of website traffic coming from mobile devices rose higher than the amount coming from desktop computers.

It was only a very slender margin at first. But it was a historical tipping point nonetheless.

Five Ways a Web Redesign Can Boost Your Business

For a growing number of businesses, their website is their shop window. It’s often the first (and perhaps only) touchpoint customers use to learn about your company, browse products and services, answer queries and make contact.

As such, your website plays a critical role in the customer journey – perhaps the critical role. Provide the right experience on your web pages and you will convert more of those browsers, researchers and query-makers into paying customers. Get it wrong, and would-be customers will simply go elsewhere.

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